Ski rental in the hotel

Why carry so much luggage? Use our rental service!

Category1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6/7 daysAdditional days
Alpine Skiing
Junior Alpin9,- Euro16,- Euro23,- Euro29,- Euro35,- Euro40,- Euro5,- Euro
Comfort Easy ***14,- Euro26,- Euro36,- Euro45,- Euro53,- Euro60,- Euro7,- Euro
Comfort Easy ****18,- Euro32,- Euro44,- Euro56,- Euro66,- Euro75,- Euro9,- Euro
Ski school
Junior with set6,- Euro10,- Euro12,- Euro15,- Euro18,- Euro21,- Euro3,- Euro
Adult with set7,- Euro13,- Euro18,- Euro22,- Euro26,- Euro30,- Euro5,- Euro
Helmet3,- Euro5,- Euro8,- Euro10,- Euro12,- Euro14,- Euro2,- Euro