Satisfy more than three wishes...

Our sauna world

It is our varied offer that makes your wellness holiday at Engel even more varied.
Our sauna world is particularly characterized by the harmony between rural and modern style.
Do nothing and keep doing something good for yourself.

Finnish sauna 90 °C

Let yourself be pampered by the environment and the natural smell of wood. The stone stove emits a very pleasant warmth.

Steam sauna 45 °C

Through heat and steam, the body detoxifies, cures colds and is good for the bronchi, nose and respiratory tract.

Bio Sauna 55 °C

The bio sauna is the beautiful version of the Finnish sauna, it is suitable for people with weak circulation and children.
It is a combination of dry and wet, which is why it is healthy and healing for the skin.

Bio-Salt Sauna 50 °C

Very healthy for the respiratory tract and smooth skin, approx. 15 m².

Sauna Bio-Sale 50°

Molto sana per le vie respiratorie e per una pelle liscia, ca. 15 m².

Fontana di ghiaccio

La perfezione di ogni seduta di sauna


The alternating bath regulates blood circulation and brings the body temperature to normal, at the same time it takes care of tired feet.

Swimming pool with water at 29 °C

The ideal combination after entering the sauna, dive into our large swimming pool (4 m x 91 m) with waterfall, reverse current and fresh air. (Fresh air room)

The relaxation country…

With our 200 m² relaxation village we have created something unique.
Different areas: barn with hay – Upi hut – Ganglegg house – fountain and fireplace and wellness bar!