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Do more  and let yourself drift. Lying there, thinking about nothing, while professional hands are good for the body.



full body Ayurveda means “the knowledge of life”. According to the Indian art of healing, the human being is a unique individual who strives for the harmonization of body, mind and soul.

Ayurveda mass.full50 MinEuro 60,-
Ayurveda back25 Min.Euro 35,-
Ayurveda legs25 Min.Euro 35,-
Ayurveda facial25 Min.Euro 35,-

Scean Tao massage

A massage from the Far East, practiced with the use of perfumes. The term “Scean Tao” is translated “The way of perfumes”. The elongated movements give the body an effect of total calm and relaxation.
70 Min.   Euro 75,-

Foot reflexology
A real gift for our tired feet. By massaging specific points on the sole of the foot, the internal organs are stimulated in order to obtain a beneficial effect on the whole body.
30 Min. Euro 35,-
50 Min. Euro 55,-

Anti-cellulite massage
Experience the feeling of relaxation, lightness and new energy. With specific oils for the treatment of problem areas.

50 Min.   Euro 60,-

Partial massage
An effective way to eliminate tension and stress. Forget about everyday life for a moment and let yourself be pampered by a special back or foot massage.
25 Min. Euro 35,-

Classic massage
The main objective of this massage is to give the whole body a sense of absolute well-being through decisive movements. Perfect for relieving muscle tension and for reactivating circulation.
50 Min.   Euro 50,-

Anti-stress massage
A winning combination of different massages to give the body a sense of balance and well-being.
50 Min.   Euro 55,-

Massage with Vitality – Balance – Harmony essential oils
We perform this massage with the use of different aromas and fragrances.
A perfect treatment to make your skin soft and cared for.
50 Min.   Euro 55,-

60 Min. Euro 60,-


Chin Min massage
Ideal for sportsmen before sports as a preparation and after for relaxation and regeneration of muscles
25 Min. Euro 35,-
50 Min. Euro 55,-

Neck – shoulder massage
This massage is particularly aimed at the nape and shoulders. Blood circulation is promoted and the vessels, nerves and sensory organs are strengthened.
Massage is experience and relaxation.

25 Min. Euro 35,-


Face, Hands and Feet

Intensive facial cleansing

Cleansing, peeling under the steam, deep cleansing, ampoule and mask.

50 Min. Euro 60,-


Relaxing facial treatment

Cleansing, active substances, healing mask, relaxing massage, care.

60 Min. Euro 60,-

Nourishing facial treatment

Cleansing, steam peeling, thorough cleansing, beauty vial, massage, mask.

80 Min. Euro 90,-

Manicure with nail polish

Nail length adjustment, cuticles cut,
massage, nail polish.

50 Min. Euro 40,-
Without polish45 Min. Euro 35,-

Peeling extra

Euro 5,-
With semi-permanent hairspray60 Min. Euro 45,-

Pedicure with nail polish

Foot washing, nail length adjustment, cuticles, massage60 Min. Euro 45,-
Without polish55 Min. Euro 40,-
Peeling extraEuro 5,-

Hair removal

Legs up to the knee
Back for men
Shoulders man
Facial hair
Euro 35,-
Euro 25,-
Euro 15,-
Euro 25,-
Euro 25,-
Euro 15,-
Euro 30,-

Facial treatment for men

Cleansing, steam peeling, thorough cleansing, beauty vial, massage, mask.

60 Min. Euro 56,-


Eye treatment

Eyebrow adjustment
Eyebrow tinting
Eyelash tinting
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting

Euro 8,-
Euro 10,-
Euro 15,-
Euro 25,-


Day make-up
Evening make-up

Euro 25,-
Euro 35,-


This exfoliating treatment is a dermatological treatment that can eliminate
the superficial layer of the skin. Peels help not only to make the skin
softer, but give the body a pleasant feeling of relaxation.
“Spring is approaching, it’s time to regenerate the skin”.

45 Min. Euro 40,-

Coffee and oil peeling “Brown is good for the skin”

Through its extraordinary properties, coffee helps to invigorate and thoroughly
cleanse the skin. By rubbing the coffee on the affected patios, an enzyme is released
able to absorb fat. “The miracle against cellulite”

45 Min. Euro 40,-


Asian body peeling with sea salt and lemon oil

An Asian peeling with sea salt and lemon oil for a fresh and cared for skin. A unique experience for lovers of sport and relaxation.

45 Min Euro 40,-


Effective skin tightening

Have you been looking for a painless, safe and successful way to tighten and firm your skin for a long time? Here we want to introduce you to the most innovative technique! The treatment
with the world news:

TriPollar RF Technology“

For skin stretching, local fat reduction and facial contour treatment.

Facial treatment20 Min. 55,- Euro
Facial treatment with decollete30 Min.  80,- Euro
Facial treatment with neck and decollete35 Min.   80,- Euro
Facial treatment with neck and decollete45 Min. 100,- Euro
Buttocks including rear thighs and stretch marks3 x 10 Min.  80,- Euro
To increase its effectiveness, it can be combined with a lymphatic massage2 x 15 Min.  80,- Euro
To increase its effectiveness, it can be combined with a lymphatic massage – Forearm2 x 10 Min. 60,- Euro
Back of the hands2 x 5 Min. 40,- Euro
Front and side belly3 x 10 Min.   80,- Euro

In support of therapy one should practice sports, drink a lot and avoid weight gain.
We are at your disposal for individual consultations.


Alpine compresses

Mountain pine and Scots pine compress

Mountain pine and Scots pine strengthen and detoxify the body.
This scented alpine pack facilitates circulation, strengthens and gives your skin a beautiful appearance.

25 Min.   Euro 36,-

Apple and rosehip pack

Special emulsion for a sensual and fruity beauty bath.
Apple and rosehip are the ideal fruits for the regeneration and care of dry and mature skin. Through this combination, cell regeneration is activated and the skin regains its normal humidity.
25 Min. Euro 36, –


Juniper and hay pack

Herbs chosen from the meadows of the Alpine mountains and the power of the mountain juniper take away the tiredness of sports. The synergistic effect of the essences strengthens body and spirit.

25 Min. Euro 36,-

Arnica and St. John’s wort compress

Active ingredient ideal for relieving tension and relieving stress.
A concentrate with a calming and protective effect for the muscles.
25 Min. Euro 36,

Aloe vera pack

Ideal pack to purify and purify the body. The skin is treated and skin inflammations relieved.
25 Min. Euro 36,



Immerse yourself
in the world of the senses...

Enjoy the delicate blends of essential oils.

Our bathrooms offer well-being.

WELLNESS BAD for 2 people

With whirlpool, aroni, 2 glasses of prosecco and seasonal fruit.

Relaxing bath

Muscle and tissue tensions are resolved. At the same time, the therapeutic oils act in a relaxing way

1 person25 min.Euro 35,-
2 people25 min.Euro 45,-

Slimming bath

This bath works by warming, stimulating and slimming.
It produces the elimination of toxins and tissues. Helps resolve fat accumulation.

1 Person25 min.Euro 35,-
2 People25 min.Euro 45,-

Energy bath

This bath is an energetic gem for body and spirit. The fabrics are ironed and
stabilized. Body and spirit immediately receive a sensation of freshness.
Ingredients: essential oils extracted from mint, lemon, rosemary, lavender and thyme.

1 Person25 min.Euro 35,-
2 People25 min.Euro 45,-

Cleopatra bath – milk and honey

Indulge in the luxurious bath of the rich and beautiful. It gives moisture and stretches the skin. Orange oil transmits energy and the will to live.

1 Person25 min.Euro 35,-
2 People25 min.Euro 45,-